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Ticketing Services

Our Ticket Office sells tickets for all MSA ticketed events and will also sell for recognized student organizations. In determining whether to approve, we consider several factors, including whether the event being hosted is consistent with our image as an institution for higher education.

The MU Student Center Ticket Office can sell tickets to your event.

Below are the terms and conditions for Non-MSA organizations wanting to utilize the Ticket Office’s services.

  • All events to be sold at the MU Student Center Ticket Office are subject to approval by the Ticket Office manager.
  • The Ticket Office charges a 10% fee or $50.00 whichever is greater on gross ticket sales to sell tickets for all University of Missouri student organizations and departments. The commission fee is 15% of gross sales for non-University of Missouri entities or $100.00, whichever is greater.
  • The Ticket Office Manager must have notice of any event to be sold at least one week prior to the on-sale date of the tickets.
  • Events must be sold with pre-printed, numbered tickets provided by the organization.  An audit of the tickets will be completed at the Ticket Office before the on-sale date of the tickets.
  • Certain events may be sold through Ticketmaster with approval from the Ticket Office manager.
  • Trip sign-ups can also be handled through the Ticket Office.  The purpose of the trip must be related to the University of Missouri organization.
  • A contract provided by the Ticket Office must be signed by the organization prior to the on-sale date of the tickets. Your organization’s federal ID number is required for the contract.
  • Customers may use the following methods of payment for your event: cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
  • The University must collect and remit Missouri state sales tax on all sales. The Ticket Office will withhold and remit the state sales tax on the gross ticket sales.  The current tax rate is 7.975%.

Please fill out the ticket services request form below to start the ticketing process.

Request Ticketing Services.